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Google’s Enterprise Advantage for Applications

I find it surprising that companies are still moving applications to Amazon Web Services. I was reading a blog earlier today from a company that was telling it’s customers that it will be completing it’s move to AWS in February 2017 and then bragging about it. What I took away from that blog is that this …


Google G Suite Enterprise and Voice

Something special is stirring at Google. There has been confusion over what Google is doing with their communication products, looking at their history we have seen a number of product managers, acquisitions, and strategies come and go. But as of recently we have reason to believe this stage of constant flux is going to change. …


Prepare your Business for Artificial Intelligence

HELLO BUZZWORDS: Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Machine Intelligence, Cognitive Network, Neural Network, Algorithm, Big Data, Deep Learning, Chatbots, Predictive Analytics, NLP (Natural Language Processing)   With so many different words, approaches and tools how do you know which way to go? When it comes to Artificial Intelligence companies are generally pushing in many different directions, but …

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