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Identity & Directory Service

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New Directory

Are you getting by without a directory like Active Directory or LDAP? Maybe you are manually provisioning users on devices, for your cloud servers, or SaaS applications. Or, perhaps you have scripted a solution. Legacy directories such as AD and LDAP are difficult to implement and manage. However, user directories systematically and securely connect your users to their devices and the IT resources they need. This increases security while decreasing your level of effort.

  • Directories connect your users to the IT resources they needs including devices, cloud servers, IT applications, and Web apps.
  • Manually managing provisioning, deprovisioning, and user access changes is time consuming and risky. Avoid mistakes by leveraging a directory
  • A key reason that organizations implement a directory is security. By centrally controlling user access there is less chance for malicious or rogue users to gain access to your infrastructure.




Replace Microsoft® Active Directory® or LDAP

Nobody really considers implementing and managing Microsoft Active Directory and LDAP easy. Nor are they complete solutions for an era where cloud infrastructure, Macs, and web applications are mainstays. IT admins are forced to jump through hoops to connect all of their users and IT resources together. And, spend significant amounts of time and effort. JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service solution is a cloud-based directory services replacement for AD and LDAP. IT admins avoid the heavy lifting of managing a legacy, on-premise directory and have a cross-platform solution that can manage their heterogeneous device environment, IaaS, and SaaS-based Web applications.

  • Don’t treat Macs, Linux devices, and IT applications as second class citizens in your network. Control and manage them just like Windows devices and applications with DaaS.
  • Securely connecting your cloud server infrastructure to your directory can be challenging with AD or LDAP. DaaS natively manages your IaaS.
  • Off-load the management of your directory hardware and software. Run directory services as a SaaS application.


Manage your cloud users

Infrastructure-as-a-Service has changed the game. Organizations are outsourcing their data centers to cloud providers. Most organizations manually manage their cloud server users creating extra work and the chance for catastrophic security errors. JumpCloud automates this manual cloud server user management problem. IT admins can leverage JumpCloud as the central directory for their cloud servers or bridge to their on-premise directory (e.g. AD). JumpCloud securely and efficiently manages cloud server users.

  • Manual cloud server user management is time consuming and risky. Modern organizations leverage best practices and implement a cloud-based directory.
  • Connect your on-premise Active Directory to your Windows and Linux cloud servers.
  • DaaS can enable secure temporary access to servers for contractors, partners, or service providers.

Manage your devices

A critical part of a directory is the ability to manage devices. Legacy directories like Active Directory allow IT admins to execute tasks on Windows devices through Group Policy Objects (GPOs). These tasks can include enforcing password rotation or complexity, updating registry settings, or connection to network resources among others. JumpCloud’s Directory-as-a-Service takes the concept of device management to the next level. IT admins can execute simple or complex tasks on their Windows, Mac, or Linux devices. Tasks can be executed ad hoc, scheduled, or even triggered based on an input. JumpCloud provides full results from the task execution.

  • Execute tasks on your Windows, Mac, or Linux devices from a central Web-based console.
  • Tasks can be simple commands or complex scripts written in virtually any language the device supports.
  • Device management tasks can be run ad hoc, scheduled, or triggered by external input.

Connect users to key SaaS apps

Web-based applications are a critical part of any organization today. Connecting users to those SaaS-based applications is critical. And, even more critical is ensuring that your users can leverage their existing credentials into these applications. Single sign-on capabilities are a critical extension for a modern directory. JumpCloud handles single sign-on for key SaaS applications such as AWS, Google Apps, and Salesforce. JumpCloud supports the authentication of user credentials to SaaS-based applications via the standard SAML protocol.

  • Single sign-on access to AWS, Google Apps, and Salesforce
  • Connect users to key web-based applications
  • Increase the security and control over other web-based applications